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This is the lesson plan for my STAIR project for CEP 811 at MSU.  It is the plan to teach grade 5 how to use Google... see more

These links show how health can be considered a commodity and how companies have taken advantage of this idea and put a... see more

Lesson plan for fifth and sixth graders (5th and 6th) to identify 21 Spanish speaking countries using technology and... see more

Inquiry-based activities investigating sound waves and the structure and function of the human ear. Also a valuable... see more

I find the nervous system to be particulary fascinating.  Due to this fact, I decided to write abouts it's intricate... see more

This is an introductory lesson to graphs of motion for high school conceptual physics. It is designed as a first-day... see more

Let's Start Coding teaches coding to kids using electronic kits, real code examples and step-by-step guides. It's easier... see more

This is a writing assignment that combines the Lewis and Clark expedition with the lyrics from a song by Garth Brooks. ... see more

Wow, imagine a plant that can eat a rat, mouse, toad, small cat, Yeah! I love this, only if I can grow one in my own... see more

Breve descripción de como utilizar la metodología de WebQuest a través de la utilización del Content Builder. Se utiliza... see more

משימת חקר בשפה האנגלית. במשימה זו התלמידים נחשפים לסוגים שונים של אוכל בריא ולא בריא ולערכים תזונתיים למזון שאוכלים.... see more

This is a short paper on Neoliberalism. It's definition and its impact on the social determinants of health.

Lesson for 2nd grade students involving ordinal numbers. It contains Internet links to interactive resources and videos.

This website examines the impact of insurance companies and public policy on individuals health.  

This is a website dedicated to a unit on penguins.

Middle school students use a roller coaster simulation to explore the concepts of potential and kinetic energy.

An e-portfolio including an introduction, mission statement, resume, expectations and results, service and leadership,... see more

This is a website that has created worksheets to companion science movies and series such as Bill Nye, Nova, and... see more

This lesson plan was designed for 1st graders who are just learning about solid geometry.

This is a PDF of a Goal Directed Instructional Design Plan that can be utilized as an introductory lesson to the concept... see more

This is the third of three lesson plans that address gender stereotypes. The purpose of the lesson is to encourage... see more