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In this activity, learners are invited to imagine the park of their dreams! In small groups, learners place moveable... see more

In this activity, learners use sieves with different-sized holes to sort balls by size. They learn that researchers are... see more

In this activity related to plant biotechnology, learners transform a strain of E. coli using green fluorescent protein... see more

In this activity, learners simulate the process of DNA fingerprinting by using electricity to separate colored dyes.... see more

SkIO is a multidisciplinary research institution within the University System of Georgia and is located on a 700 acre... see more

UV Menace is part of an online series of modules entitled Exploring the Environment. Emphasizing an integrated approach... see more

This 5-minute animation portrays fluctuations in the cryosphere through observations collected from a variety of... see more

This video segment, adapted from Need to Know, discusses how the process of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is used to... see more

Water treatment on a large scale enables the supply of clean drinking water to communities. In this activity, learners... see more

In this seismic simulation, learners play a "who-dunnit" game to explore earthquakes. Learners act as the source,... see more

In this (edible) activity, learners balance chemical equations using different kinds and colors of candy that represent... see more

Let's go sailing! Catch the wind and race to the finish without veering off course.

In this activity, learners explore the engineering design process (EDP)���the process engineers use to solve design... see more

In this physics demonstration, learners are challenged to break a raw egg just by squeezing it. Learners will be shocked... see more

In this quick activity about pollutants and groundwater (page 2 of PDF), learners build a model well with a toilet paper... see more

In this activity, learners explore the human influences on the carbon cycle and examine how fossil fuels release carbon.... see more

In this activity (on page 1), learners role play as atoms to explore how atoms can be rearranged to make different... see more

This is an activity (located on page 3 of the PDF) about the use of reduction agents to decontaminate ground water.... see more

In this thought-provoking activity, learners plan a hypothetical project to build and operate wind turbines in their... see more

Use the physical characteristics of ice to determine where and how several mystery samples could have been frozen.

In this activity, learners discover that as the salinity of water increases, the density increases as well. Learners... see more

In this activity, learners simulate the separation techniques that materials recovery facilities (MRFs) use and then... see more

Learners will understand the relationship between climate change and sea-level rise. In the first activity, they will... see more

In this activity on page 3 of the PDF, learners investigate soil erosion. Learners set up a simulation to observe how... see more