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In this demonstration, learners observe the effects of air pressure. They will watch as marshmallows inside a bottle... see more

Read about dust storms on Mars, the Crab Nebula, Centaurus A, Supernova 1987A, or the death of stars with Amazing Space's... see more

The American Geophysical Union (AGU), which was established in 1919 by the National Research Council and for more than 50... see more

As a consequence of the time-bandwidth uncertainty principle, ultra short laser pulses carry significant bandwidth. If... see more

This website focuses on environmental education and includes pages on the flora, fauna, endangered species, and other... see more

In this activity, students will participate in a simulated fossil hunt or archeological excavation. Working in groups,... see more

Dr. Peter Scholle, a professor of geology at New Mexico Tech, oversees this site showcasing the geology of the Permian... see more

This text is provided to you as an Open Educational Resource which you access online. It is designed to give you a... see more

This activity is a field investigation where students geologically map a defunct granite quarry in Saint Cloud... see more

According to the authors, "T his book is about the geography of the United States. And although we look at the country's... see more

The Analytical Sciences Digital Library (ASDL) provides a collection of peer-reviewed web-based educational resources... see more

In this lesson students will describe global spatial patterns of human development using HDI rankings. Students will... see more

This is a performance task assessment that allows for assessment of student knowledge of the plate tectonic theory. This... see more

In this activity (page 10 of PDF), learners approximate the area of the uppermost cross section of an impact crater using... see more

In this outdoor winter activity, learners search for and create hibernation sites that will protect gelatin "animals"... see more

This is a basic animation/simulation with background information about the greenhouse effect by DAMOCLES. The animation... see more

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) polar-obriting satellites monitor the ozone levels around... see more

These animations show how various types of waves are propagated during an earthquake. Users can see how P-waves travel at... see more

The book is comprehensive, dealing first with reserves of anthracite and with related petrography. Culm – anthracite... see more

This is a free textbook offered by BookBoon. The book is comprehensive, dealing first with reserves of anthracite and... see more

In this biology activity, learners use plastic pipettes to cut wells into the solid gel layer of agar in petri dishes and... see more

This video was recorded at ARCHES and SPENS Final Seminar – Ljubljana. The seminar was organized by the Slovenian... see more

This document outlines the capabilities of the finite element method in the analysis of slope stability problems. A... see more