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This web site contains links to fractal-making applets and an extensive list of math-related games. The site also... see more

'This workbook is designed to lead students through a basic understanding of numbers and arithmetic. The included... see more

This task asks students to write a proof that applies the properties of parallel lines and congruent triangles to prove a... see more

Pioneering zero textbook cost courses and degree programs since 2012, Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) is the... see more

In this activity, students will generate scatter plots and use regression and logarithms to explore a dataset with time... see more

To me this site had more resources, it was not as limit as the first one. Offer more for the younger children to help... see more

Dave's Math Tables is an excellent mathematical resource. The mathematical reference tables include General Math,... see more

Textbook for symbolic logic, beginning at a level appropriate for beginning students, continuing through Gödel's... see more

It is not unusual that instructors get bogged down in the complex details of set theory, while teaching the foundations... see more

Pioneering zero textbook cost courses and degree programs since 2012, Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) is the... see more

Bates College in Maine has worked diligently to bring together this set of mathematical resources to the public, and it's... see more

This report from Sheila Tobias discusses pertinent issues related to women in mathematics and science. Key aspects... see more

This lesson plan can be used to introduce the concept of multiplication to students through the use of literature. The... see more

Students skip count and examine multiplication patterns. They also explore the commutative property of multiplication.

Students analyze broken bead necklaces to "create, replicate, and identify patterns while using proportional reasoning to... see more

Students are taught to estimate, to identify appropriate situations using estimation, to calculate estimated sums and... see more

Students explore the different ways to measure time and develop their understanding of how to tell time to the hour, half... see more

In this project, students will: determine if an exponential function adequately describes the changes in the National... see more

This unit begins with non-numeric patterns. The students use linkage cubes, pattern blocks and hundred square paper on... see more

Lesson 1 of two lessons requires students to explore quadratic functions by examining the family of functions described... see more

This lesson focuses on the relationship between parts and the whole. These relationships were developed earlier and... see more

"This lesson provides students an opportunity to assess their understanding of mathematical vocabulary as they relate to... see more

"This lesson introduces students to names of angles. It provides an action activity and then a follow-up worksheet to... see more

This collection of 10 lessons uses children�__s literature to engage students in addition, subtraction, multiplication,... see more