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Students randomly sample trees in a forest and record the tree trunk circumferences. Students then use Excel to fit a... see more

Interactive Vernier caliper applet.

Visualización del método de Nelder-Mead aplicado al problema de minimización de un campo escalar de dos variables

Students record vital lung capacity from spirometer charts before and after asthma patients use a bronchodilator.... see more

The WISE Bootstrapping Applet can be used to demonstrate bootstrapping by creating a confidence interval for a population... see more

This applet from Java Demos for Probability and Statistics introduces the concept of the random variable and its... see more

The SOCR Modeler allows the user to compare data with typical statistical models such as the beta distribution,... see more

This resource introduces the gamma distribution and provides an applet to help illustrate the concept.

This applet demonstrates the Central Limit Theorem using histograms. It is primarily an interactive teaching tool, but... see more

A particle moves randomly in 2D, and leaves a particle when it touches the central aggregation complex.

This applet performs the Student's t test on two sets of data, and reports the average and variance for both sets of... see more

This application is a basic tool for teaching algebra. Trying to solve a system of linear equations with two equations... see more

This is a Java-enhanced tutorial that allows students to experiment with the bisection method for finding the roots to... see more

CensusScope is an easy-to-use tool for investigating U.S. demographic trends, brought to you by the Social Science Data... see more

This applet presents a variety of visual fraction comparison exercises. It is part of the National Library of Virtual... see more

A small collection of applets discussing several topics in Probability

This applet allows students to individually practice working with relationships among fractions and ways of combining... see more

Directions fo rassemblying a geodesic dome from newprint.

Mathematical concepts: data bias, scale, probability.

Shockwave simulation illustrates the relationship between chance and probability/statistics by rolling dice and tracking... see more

Touch decimals Place value ± Double interactive place value chart. Wireless abacus. - Show and experience the addition... see more

This site allows the user to specify triangle side lengths, then draws the triangle and computes its angles.