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This material uses the Sun as an example of diverse parts of physics. Topics include weather and climate, magnetism and... see more

This web page, authored and curated by David P. Stern, discusses why and how sundials tell time. It provides instructions... see more

This website, created by Dan Styer of Oberlin College, has tips and techniques for teaching quantum mechanics. It... see more

This is a free, online textbook designed for "everyone, including those who have no background in physics." Version 1.1... see more

This video was recorded at Workshop on Statistical Physics of Inference and Control Theory, Granada 2012. We show how the... see more

This is an evolution of the Simple Ising Model v1.0 by Bernd Nottelmann.

This video was recorded at MIT World: One Host Fits All. "This machine of ours is running out of control" is Thomas A.... see more

This video was recorded at The 100th anniversary of the birth of Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar: Chandrasekhar Centennial... see more

This video was recorded at CERN Academic Training Lectures 2009. The development of radiation detectors in the field of... see more

This is a link to an abstract of the article. Users must login to view the entire article. The Foundation Coalition at... see more

This website, based on the NOVA TV program 'The Wave that Shook the World', tells the story of the 2004 tsunami in the... see more

This video was recorded at MIT World Series: Family Adventures in Science and Technology Program. The inimitable Walter... see more

Created by the World-Wide Web Virtual Library, this page links users to the web sites of the major nuclear physics... see more

This video was recorded at PRO(MO)GRAM - predstavitveni filmi raziskovalnih programov / promotional videos of research... see more

This is a free, online physics textbook. According to the site, "For students with some background in mathematics and... see more

read this...... an important.... article... see more

In this demonstration, a soda bottle, paper and straws are used to show learners that air has mass and takes up space.... see more

This website, authored by Debra Fisher and George Mussser for the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, outlines the... see more

In this activity, by the Concord Consortium's Molecular Literacy project, students will see that "when a small particle... see more

This tutorial contains the following topics: Lesson 1 - Heat and Temperature Lesson 2 Calorimetry

This video was recorded at Predavanja na Nacionalnem inštitutu za biologijo, Ljubljana. FA2 group has been working in the... see more

In this experiment, students create a "lava lamp" - a beaker on a hotplate, and investigate buoyancy, convection and... see more

Stearic acid (CH 3 (CH 2 ) 16 CO 2 H) is a fatty acid, the part of fat that stores most of the energy. 1.00 g of stearic... see more

Use to determine which of the following requires the most energy.