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This 2005 article describes Intel's strategy to design for the environment. The article goes into Intel's goals for... see more

In this activity, early learners simulate fossil prints in play dough or clay. Using plastic dinosaur feet to make... see more

This activity (on pages 35-43) lets learners analyze a "herd of elk" to detect the spread of a bacterial disease called... see more

This demonstration can be used to help learners visualize DNA by lysing (breaking open) bacterial cells on a slide and... see more

In this activity, learners explore clouds and how they form. Learners compare the cloud formation in two bottles, one... see more

In this activity, learners role-play the part of lake inhabitants and the aquatic exotics who displace the native... see more

In this activity (on pages 36-39), learners make a model of a watershed out of paper, then run water down the mountain to... see more

This activity is a bioassay lab where students tested the effect of an environmental toxin (fertilizer) on the growth... see more

In this jigsaw, students will graph various Bald Eagle population numbers and determine the impact humans have had on the... see more

This module is designed to connect cutting edge NASA research with the teaching and learning of core science and... see more

In this chapter, users explore relationships between air quality and population density using the image visualization... see more

Earth's orbit around the Sun, together with the tilt of its axis, results in periodic climate changes around the globe... see more

This text explores a few of the many concepts that frequently come up in the study of Earth systems and global climate... see more

Earth on Fire belongs to a series of online modules entitled Exploring the Environment. Emphasizing an integrated... see more

Earth Science Explorer is an elementary-level resource set up like a virtual museum. It is part of Exploring the... see more

Visitors to the ImageBank can view and download photographs, remote imagery, and slide shows. The images are related to... see more

This integrated collection of charts and maps summarizes the conditions of the world's natural ecology and human... see more

This site, created by Phil Goode of New Jersey's Science and Technology University, investigates new ways to measure the... see more

This radio broadcast describes efforts to control the population of sea lampreys in the Great Lakes. Sea lampreys, an... see more

This radio broadcast features an expert in the study of the Arctic climate who has analyzed more than 20 years of... see more

This University of California Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program provides several links to articles... see more

This case study examines how the media reports news stories related to science. It is based on an actual news story which... see more

What if you could trade details on the whereabouts of wandering tattlers with hundreds of other amateur (and... see more

A program established in Europe that aims to raise student's awareness of environmental and sustainable development... see more