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Nice site finds kids making sense of the weather. See attached assignment.

Informal website that discusses El Nino and has a number of links. See attached assignment.

Informative site involving the Greenhouse Effect. See attached assignment for specifics.

Solid website discussing aggregate resources in California. See attached assignment.

Solid website from Caltech that deals with earthquakes. Follow the links as needed. See attached assignment.

Solid and informative website that covers our state of California and its water resources. See attached Learning... see more

Perhaps one of my favorite finds on the web. This site covers the geological hazards that we all face. See attached... see more

More information on El Nino/La Nina. See attached assignment.

Interactive simulator for atmosphere behavior. See attached lesson for ideas.

Website discusses methods NASA uses to interact with our atmosphere. See attached assignment for lesson ideas.

Nice website that discusses the ozone depletion situation. See attached assignment.

Solid and informative website by NASA regarding the ringed planet. See attached assignment for lesson ideas. As always,... see more

Nice interactive site that provides valuable information about our moon. See attached assignment for ideas. Navigate... see more

Nice site that discusses tectonic plate motion. See attached assignment for lesson ideas.

Solid website that allows students to learn about impacts and even pose questions to scientists. See attached assignment.

Wonderful site that discusses the solar winds blowing on Mars. A great start to a discussion about the winds over there... see more

Moon erosion site. More of a news type situation. Double entry journals could be used to respond. See attached assignment... see more

One of my favorite sites. Go to the Deep Impact link and start your discussion there. See attached assignment for lesson... see more

Wonderful site that covers the Mars Odyssey Orbiter. Follow the links and explore the red planet within your groups.

This site discusses the creation of the universe. Follow the links and discuss in small groups.

Another sweet discussion on the origin of the universe. This is a compare and contrast exercise. See attached lesson... see more

This site starts the debate over the Big Bang Theory. See attached assignment for details and ideas.

Specific discussion on universe creation within the context of a discussion about a black hole.

Absolutely incredible website that discusses the causes of earthquakes. See attached assignment for specifics.