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HTML Color Codes is a website that provides HTML color codes, Hex color codes, RGB and HSL values using three different... see more

This webpage discusses HTML content structure and different sections within it.

HTML Tidy is a tool that assists with editing HTML. It gives you the number of warnings and errors found at the top of... see more

The HTML Code Sniffer is a website that checks for the accessibility of HTML codes. In order to evaluate HTML... see more

This eLearning Tools: Instructional Materials – Templates webpage from Sacramento State Academic Technology and Creative... see more

A set of resources developed by the DIAGRAM Center that help content creators provide image descriptions making content... see more

NCAM provides a free collection of training and professional development resources. The image description resources... see more

This material provides a guideline for creating images that are accessible in the format of EPUB 3. It lists requirements... see more

This is a resource to provide information on how to make images accessible. The focus is on the use of “alt text”... see more

"[The application of the] Universial Design for Learning (UDL) in the context of institutional policies and practices";... see more

This post was contributed by Katy Anastasi, Reference Librarian & Open Textbook/OER Publishing Assistant at Portland... see more

The research focus on inclusion and access to adaptive courseware in higher education peaked in the early 2000s, in... see more

This video presents the experiences of faculty and administrators at Indian River State College during their transition... see more

This tutorial from Colorado State University covers how to use the table header property in MS Word to create tables with... see more

'InnerVoice is the next generation of Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) apps. InnerVoice provides a voice... see more

Any student entering higher education is required to make a transition. Part of successfully making the transition is to... see more

This webpage from UC Berkeley’s Disabled Students’ Program offers information and links to information about how to use... see more

This site contains links to a variety of tutorials that have to do with Accessibility and PDFs. The material is organized... see more

with Neal Ewers of the Trace Research Center; a short video demonstrating how screen readers assist the blind to navigate... see more

'Experience how screen readers assist people who are blind read the Web and electronic documents.' This video... see more

This website provides information about web accessibility issues at Cal Poly. Topics include: What is Web Accessibility?... see more

'iPrompts® PRO combines three apps into a powerful suite of next-generation autism technology! Buy iPrompts® PRO and... see more

A website that provides access to a wealth of diverse resources designed to support both strategy and practice across the... see more

Advice on creating accessible PDFs. Topics include creating PDFs (such as by conversion from a MS Word document or MS... see more