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Our class is about networked applications, and there is a danger that we may think of them as better than stand-alone... see more

This is a 15 question quiz with multiple choice answers. Learning through an online class requires different skills than... see more

Beginning list of information literacy (IL) resources in the Oriya (Odiya) language used in India.

We will use ping, a network utility program, to determine the time it takes to send a packet from one host to another... see more

This presentation deals with communication technology. We will use two network utility programs, ping and traceroute, to... see more

This three-minute screencast concentrates on clarifying the distinction between scholarly and popular periodicals. It is... see more

We'll present a quick history of information technology data types. As we'll see, years of research precede mainstream... see more

This course is designed to help students (primarily incoming college freshmen) develop the foundational computing and... see more

You retrieve pages from Web servers every day, but may not have thought about how the information gets to your computer.... see more

This presentation doesn't teach any skills, but focuses on the fact that all types of data – text, video, audio, images... see more

The presentation explains display technology and the use of colors in HTML.

We will see what an RSS feed is and how to subscribe to them using stand-alone or Web-based readers. We will also talk... see more

A special PowerPoint collection -- an assortment of important slides from the fall 2010 term.

Тhis is a preliminary list of information literacy resource citations available in the Serbian language in Kosovo.

This site has links to several useful sites to help you in learning online.

List of a few information literacy resource in the Somali language.

This presentation covers survey design skills -- planning and constructing a survey. It also introduces several types of... see more

This presentation introduces SurveyGizmo, an Internet service for conducting surveys and polls. We see how to create and... see more

Important selected information literacy resources in the Kiswahili Language

One information literacy resource in the Swahili language used in Zanzibar and some other countries in the Eastern and... see more

This Presentation covers the communication software that enables one Internet connected computer or "host" to communicate... see more

We've seen amazing progress in information technology over the last fifty years.This progress has been due to both... see more

This presentation differentiates between a word processor and a text editor, which creates simple text files and stores... see more

The data link layer is responsible for moving data within a local area network. We will see the major functions provided... see more