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"Spontaneous ignition is a possible cause of unwanted fire. It is a complex phenomenon of combustible material ignited by... see more

A paper discussing presents STAL, an extension of Typed Assembly Language (TAL) with stack constructs and stack types to... see more

A Web application for analyzing two-dimensional truss and frame structures.

This is a free, online textbook. According to the author, "This book presents classical mechanics from an unusual... see more

This course is a detailed technical and historical exploration of the Apollo project to "fly humans to the moon and... see more

An online calculator that displays the path of the sun across the sky for any latitude and date. An intuitive graphical... see more

This site explains how super computer designs have evolved.

There is increasing recognition that the reductionist mindset that is currently dominating society, rooted in unlimited... see more

The human eye is a fascinating and complicated device, but how do digital cameras capture images? This unit examines one... see more

Where does the structure of our body come from? This unit looks at the structure of cells and how proteins are used by... see more

Teach Yourself Phase Diagrams is an online tutorial which covers the essentials of binary phase diagrams. Interactive... see more

The Technology and Engineering Literacy (TEL) assessment aims to measure whether students are able to apply technology... see more

An interesting collection of readings on technology – mainly the development of aviation. Ranging from the construction... see more

Checking schematic layout for seminconductor devices.

This online simulation game explores the different consequences of water levels on the Columbia River in the Pacific... see more

Road traffic has grown more than 80% since 1980 – as a result roads have deteriorated more quickly than could have been... see more

Minority carrier applet and tutorial, which describes generation by laser pulse, diffusion due to nonuniform... see more

The Inclusive Learning Exchange is a revolutionary learning object repository service that responds to the individual... see more

Private site with excellent links to many resources. Includes rubric builder and citation machine.

'We will give you an overview of OSVVM, and an example of using it.We've split this guide into the following parts: What... see more

Dedicated to proving that the Great Pyramid was built by normal people, Terrance G. Nevin backs his theory with some very... see more

According to Textbook Revolution, "This is the free online edition of one of Amazon’s bestselling DSP textbooks. In 640... see more

(Please note that there is a $20 per student charge to participate in this simulation). The Supply Chain Game is an... see more

This is a free book from BookBoon. NOTE: You can access the book free for one month. After that, you have to join for... see more