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MIT students are challenged daily to solve for x, to complete four problem sets, two papers, and prepare for an exam... see more

Spanish II continues to develop students' listening, speaking, reading and writing skills using the second part of... see more

The course facilitates a close reading of Don Quixote in the artistic and historical context of renaissance and baroque... see more

In this 3-unit class, we will read Milton's epic poem Paradise Lost. The goal of the class is for students to come away... see more

Feminist Inquiry starts with questions: What is feminism? What is feminist scholarship? Is feminist scholarship... see more

Is marriage a patriarchal institution? Much feminist scholarship has characterized it that way, but now in the context of... see more

TANGO (Themed Autonomous Navigation Global Opus) is an international collaborative bilingual e-learning project. An... see more

The theme for this class is "American Revolution." We will read authors who record, on the one hand, the failures of the... see more

In "The American Novel Since 1945" students will study a wide range of works from 1945 to the present. The course traces... see more

The "American Renaissance," a period of tremendous literary activity that took place in America between the 1830s and... see more

An online course dealing with American literarure and culture from 1830s-1860s.

This course is an introduction to narrative film, emphasizing the unique properties of the movie house and the motion... see more

What makes a novel "Gothic"? This course explores various definitions of the genre through close reading of... see more

This course describes development of bilingualism in human history (from Lucy to present day). It focuses on linguistic... see more

This course explores the ways in which the Victorian novel represented social, political, scientific, philosophical, and... see more

This course focuses on the study of problems concerning our concept of knowledge, our knowledge of the past, our... see more

This short online course helps students of all levels become experts in using the MLA International Bibliography for... see more

This is a series of podcasts that are offered by Stanford University. "The central text in the canon of Latin literature... see more

Un projet à explorer pour comprendre des vidéos (interviews de lycéens français) à l'aide d'exercices interactifs,... see more

This is a short, online textbook/course that "is intended to teach you how to design successful technical documents. You... see more

This online course comes from the Open Learning Initiative (OLI) by Carnegie Mellon. “The course includes self-guiding... see more

This course examines representations of race, class, gender, and sexual identity in the media. We will be considering... see more

In the course we will use a feminist interdisciplinary lens and invite students to look critically at how practices like... see more

Introduces web design for historical research activities.