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The High Tech Center Training Unit of the California Community Colleges is a state of the art training and support... see more

Stage One of History 100: Introduction to Historical Skills using Technology eportfolio

Resume Development, honors and activities

If you are looking for Delivery Services for Farnham You are at right place now you can book with a Single Call Call now... see more

This website has information on what FTP is and how you can use it to get materials onto the web.

This is a website focused on helping people engage with consumers and find their needs. Although it is focused on selling... see more

Teaching drama for the first time? Get this free 12 page lesson plan from Drama Notebook. Here are the basic goals to... see more

In this booklet, you will be introduced to an exciting new way to teach science in your classroom. The TEMI project... see more

This is a resource site for drama teachers. It has over 1,000 titles, including: drama lesson plans; play scripts for... see more

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Este diseño metodológico modular pretende que los alumnos trabajadores con turnos diferidos cuya asistencia irregular no... see more

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Durante el año 2012 se ejecutó el Proyecto financiado por Fondo de Desarrollo de la Docencia, Línea 2 FDD2, del Centro de... see more

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This research tries to install a modular methodology to get significant learning by evening working students, who do not... see more

inClass is a FREE productivity app that all you to take video notes, audio notes, and photo notes.

Infografía sencilla para saber que tipo de residuos deben ir en cada tipo de contenedores.

Página del Programa Enlaces (programa para implementar la informática en la educación chilena) con recursos para docentes... see more

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Las redes académicas son instancias de reflexión, participación y diálogo, constituidas por docentes, administrativos... see more

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El complejo escenario de las condiciones educativas, es decir, los bajos aprendizajes de los alumnos que ingresan a la... see more

Inplant Training with real-time technology is utilized to gain knowledge and job. OneYes Technologies focus on the... see more

Manual para inspeccionar viviendas en Chile

Integrales Dobles y Volumen - Sumas de Riemann Interpretación geométrica de la definición de integrales dobles para el... see more

This is an interesting site about Reiki Training. It provides information about taking energy from the universe and... see more

Bilgi ve İletişim Teknolojileri dersinin İnterne ve İletişim Ünitesi için hazırlanmış olan bir eğitim yazılımıdır.

Trata-se de uma atividade prática, desenvolvida com estudantes do Curso de Ciências Ambientais da Universidade Federal de... see more