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Students are given a context for a multiplication problem and asked to determine how to solve it and what the product... see more

This 5-minute video captures a lesson in which students create pattern block designs and use them to explore part-whole... see more

Students are given equations and asked to find missing numbers.

Students name two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes given manipulatives or pictures on a worksheet.

"This year's theme is mathematics and biology. Two important examples of how mathematics is used in biology are: in... see more

Students organize and interpret data about lunch preferences.

Students compare the lengths of two cube trains indirectly by using a third cube train.

Students will be guided through the investigation of y = mx+b. Through this lesson, students will be able to determine... see more

Created by Dale Harak and Anita Salem for the Connected Curriculum Project, the purpose of this project is to investigate... see more

Students describe the position of a sphere in relationship to other objects.

With this algebra lesson, students will gather data about different airlines, including flight delays, mishandled baggage... see more

Students are asked to compare two numbers between 1 and 10 during a game of "Which is Greater?".

Students are asked to share a rectangular cake between two people and then among four people and decide which results in... see more

Students identify the set that contains one more than a given number.

Students compare groups of objects to determine whether the number of objects in one group is greater than, less than, or... see more

An author's Snapshot for White Hole, Black Whole, and The Book for the material found in MERLOT at... see more

An introductory level single variable calculus book, covering standard topics in differential and integral calculus, and... see more

Students work with a partner to determine whose card, if any, has more dots.

This algebra lesson demonstrates exponential growth and decay. The document includes three different ways in which... see more

Students compare numerals to determine which number is the greatest.

The aim of this session is to motivate students to understand why we might want to do proofs, why proofs are important,... see more

In an effort to explore new ways of improving mathematics education in middle and high schools, the Council of Chief... see more

Why U is a non-profit corporation dedicated to exploring new ways of communicating STEM (Science Technology, Engineering,... see more

In this lesson from Math Machines, students will "construct a function to automate the Pointer/Power Pulley to move a toy... see more