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Good site that discusses tectonics on Mars. See attached assignment for specifics.

This site discusses the concept of dark energy. ELL adult students on this one.Very advanced! See attached assignment.

This site discusses volcanoes. See attached assignment. Follow the links as needed.

Fantastic volcano site. Jam packed full of information. Follow the links as needed. See attached assignment.

Specific information about volcano types. Follow the links as needed. See attached assignment

Effective earth observing system website. Lots of information and alot of useful links. Follow them as needed. See... see more

Another ask an astronomer site. See attached assignment for specifics.

Nice site that has students asking atronomers about the relationship between a catastrophic impact and the Dark Ages. See... see more

Solid website that includes the Near Earth Oblect Program. See attached assignment for more details.

Great site that discusses the effects of gravity and the lack thereof in outer space. Informative article. Look for my... see more

Informative and fun site for moon lovers. Be sure and explore the links. There is a lot of information on this site,... see more

Solid website for the Earth Observing System. Here, kids can learn how we are monitoring some of the damage that we are... see more

Excellent source for interaction with the concept of weather.See attached assignment and please add your own. You will... see more

Solid reading comprehension and interaction lesson.

Interactive NASA information site. Follow the asteroid link. See attached assignment.

This site is a celebration of the Hubble Space Telescope. Please see attached assignment(s). Write your own if you like... see more

Interactive space rock website. Nice touch with the virtual book tool! Please see attached lesson. This is aligned to... see more

Informative NASA news website can be utilized in many different manners. ELL students respond well to NASA.

Another solid NASA website that can be utilized in different ways. See attached assignment(s). Add one of your own if you... see more

This is a nice interactive site. I wrote a lesson that has kindergarteners communicating observations and listening and... see more

Learn how bate use electromagnetic spectrum and remote sensing to survive. NASA has a spin on all this. This site is rich... see more

Nice site regarding the diverse ecosystems that exist.

This is a great site for building vocabulary. The words are based in aerodynamics. My third graders loved this site and... see more