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This is a quarterly peer-reviewed international journal published by the Indian Society of Medical and Paediatric... see more

In 2017, the CDC released a set of Core Practices focusing on infection prevention and control relevant for care... see more

Key terms related to information searching and search models are defined. A historic context is provided to illustrate... see more

The growing popularity and development of data mining technologies bring serious threat to the security of individual,'s... see more

Inside Higher Ed is a leading digital media company serving the higher education space. Their mission is to serve the... see more

The utilization of podcasts in online learning environments has become common in higher education. The study examined how... see more

The popularity of virtual education resulted in institutions seeking best practices as a guide to providing a quality... see more

While much has been published about integrating technology into liberal arts courses and the benefits of doing so, little... see more

Teacher education programs with a specialized focus, such as preparing candidates to become teachers of the deaf and hard... see more

Technology advances at such a rapid pace that its effective application in higher education is often overlooked and... see more

This article presents a set of online activities, using free Internet resources, aimed at increasing students'... see more

According to this mixed methods study, interactions with the content, peers, and instructor are important as students... see more

This article was published in volume 2 issue 1 of online journal of otolaryngology JORL. A 13 years old boy, had a wound... see more

This interdisciplinary open access journal aims to focus on the exchange of relevant trends and research results as well... see more

The International Journal of Open Educational Resources (IJOER) is a bi-annual, open access, double-blind peer-reviewed... see more

Working through an inquiry process within an international online classroom, pre-service teachers identified and... see more

The International Journal of Infectious Diseases has a publishing monthly by the International Society for Infectious... see more

This learning resource is Chapter 6 of an open textbook, Intrapartum Care.Intrapartum Care was developed for doctors and... see more

Twelve K-12 teachers who were enrolled in a graduate qualitative research course were introduced to collaborative... see more

This article addresses international copyright law, which is a mix of copyright treaties and domestic copyright laws, and... see more

The Windows into Teaching and Learning (WiTL) project is a method developed by researchers at the University of North... see more

Higher educational institutions are increasingly using electronic platforms as teaching environments. There is a gap in... see more

This case study examines a synchronous online teaching practice in a blended course in which distance and residential... see more