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NOTE: This book is from BookBoon which is free for 30 days. Then one must subscribe to their service which costs $5.99... see more

This book offers practical, proven ways to maximise your success in all aspects of essay writing. It shows how to assess... see more

In Yoga Minds, Writing Bodies, Christy Wenger argues for the inclusion of Eastern-influenced contemplative education... see more

The purpose of this seminar is to expose the student to a number of different types of writing that one may encounter in... see more

William Shakespeare didn't go to college. If he time-traveled like Dr. Who, he would be stunned to find his words on a... see more

This course provides continued work in the development of play scripts for the theater. Writers work on sustained pieces... see more

"Sports, not religion, is the opiate of the people." So says David Remnick, editor of the New Yorker and a former... see more

During this seminar, students will chronicle their MIT experiences and investigate MIT history and culture. Visits to the... see more

This class is an introduction to writing about science–including nature, medicine, and technology–for general readers. In... see more

This section of Expository Writing provides the opportunity for students- as readers, viewers, writers and speakers - to... see more

Focus: What can we believe when we read an autobiography? How do writers recall, select, shape, and present their lives... see more

Environmentalists have traditionally relied upon the power of their prose to transform the thoughts and behavior of their... see more

"What people do with food is an act that reveals how they construe the world." - Marcella Hazan, The Classic Italian... see more

Turn-of-the-century eras have historically been times when people are more than usually inclined to scrutinize the... see more

The reading and writing for this course will focus on what it means to construct a sense of self and a life narrative in... see more

In this era of globalization, many of us have multi- or bi-cultural, multilingual or bilingual backgrounds, and even if... see more

MIT students bring rich cultural backgrounds to their college experience. This course explores the splits, costs,... see more

This course introduces writing, graphics, meetings, oral presentation, collaboration, and design as tools for product... see more

As the course title suggests, this class is meant to acquaint you with the literary and rhetorical tradition of the... see more

This is a course focused on the literary genre of the essay, that wide-ranging, elastic, and currently very popular form... see more

Does race still matter, as Cornel West proclaimed in his 1994 book of that title, or do we now live, as others maintain,... see more

This course is a workshop for students with some experience in writing essays, nonfiction prose. Our focus will be... see more