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Seminar participants and invited guests will lead critical discussions of current literature and ongoing research. Each... see more

This is a course about how research knowledge and other types of knowledge come to be actionable and influential in the... see more

This three-week module, centered on a focal case, represents the second part of the Department's introduction to the... see more

In recent years, the redistribution of risk has created conditions for natural and technological disasters to become more... see more

The primary purpose of this seminar is to enable students to craft approaches to so-called "First World"/ "Third World"... see more

This subject is on regional energy-environmental modeling rather than on general energy-environmental policies, but the... see more

In the wake of Katrina the entire gulf coast is embroiled in a struggle over what constitutes "appropriate" rebuilding... see more

The Springfield Studio is a practicum course that focuses on the economic, programmatic and social renewal of an urban... see more

The Springfield Studio is a practicum design course that focuses on the physical, programmatic, and social renewal of an... see more

During the last fifteen years, nations across the globe embarked on a historic transformation away from centrally planned... see more

The Beijing Urban Design Studio is a joint program between the MIT and Tsinghua University Schools of Architecture and... see more

The course draws on faculty members from the Center for Real Estate, the City Design and Development Group (Department of... see more

This course provides an introduction to the issues of immigrants, planning, and race. It identifies the complexities and... see more

The course examines the causes and effects of rapid urbanization in developing countries. Using case studies from the... see more

This course is being offered in conjunction with the colloquium The Politics of Reconstructing Iraq, which is sponsored... see more

This course's aims are two-fold: to offer students the theoretical and practical tools to understand how and why cities... see more

This class is intended to introduce students to understandings of the city generated from both social science literature... see more