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The word volcano comes from the island of Vulcano in the Mediterranean Sea. Long ago people thought this island mountain... see more

Have you ever wondered how the National Weather Service can tell a major winter storm is brewing and will impact your... see more

Connecting NOAA's National Marine Sanctuary Program to the General Public Through Telepresence The National Oceanic and... see more

This website is a massive endeavor that ties teachers together worldwide. There are lessons and video tutorials as well... see more

A simple assessment for plate recognition. Very simple but still ties to CDE GRADE 6 Standards.

Here is part of his bio...Hit the link and read all about this scientist and his sweet website!!! A lifelong fascination... see more

A short but effective tool for assessment. This comes from our friends at Volcano World.

Welcome to the Saturn Observation Campaign. This program gives sky enthusiasts of all abilities the opportunity to share... see more

Silly Bus is a two-time Mom's Choice Award winner and a member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Science,... see more

Smartboard lessons sorted by subject.

An excellent source of Smartboard interactive activities.

Surface waves account for nearly all of the damage that occurs from the shaking associated with earthquakes. Read all... see more

A teacher driven website that has archives and the latest trends in interactive activities for the Smartboard or 3M... see more

This is an assessment that can be completed during a discussion on the earth's crust. This ties to CDE Grade 6 Standards.

In 1606, some 105 adventurers set off from England to try and establish the first permanent English colony in the New... see more

Located on the shore of Lake Crescent, in Olympic National Park, this place partners with the park to provide outdoor... see more

A discussion on anti-matter and what the fuss is all about.  

The main site for the Particle Adventure. It is an interactive tour of sorts...  

I am using this website to teach expository writing to my ESL Adults at the adult school that I work at. This timeline... see more

Seismology is the study of earthquakes and seismic waves that move through and around the earth. A seismologist is a... see more

This is the media center for worldwide quakes. The USGS requests that you pay shipping.  

Solid website and informative source for learning about the phases of the moon.  

From the "Reading, Writing, and Rings" Series... Pre-assessment of students knowledge about Saturn. This series... see more

This firm presents educators worldwide with a clearinghouse of lesson possibilities. They do offer professional... see more