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This article discusses ways to make Word created web content more accessible. This includes converting Word to HTML and... see more

WebAIM (Web Accessibility In Mind) has provided comprehensive web accessibility solutions since 1999. These years of... see more

A WebAIM article on how to make PowerPoint files more accessible on the web.  It covers creating accessible PowerPoint... see more

A free web accessibility evaluation tool.  Either enter a URL on the WAVE webpage or upload a file or enter straight HTML... see more

webcredible is a London, UK-based user experience agency that creates efficient people-centered digital experiences.  It... see more

This webcredible blog and reports page devoted to accessibility offers articles and white papers on Web accessibility... see more is a website with various tools that can be used to assess how closely a webpage meets specific sets of... see more

This is an online tool that allows you to test several aspects of your website including quality, accessibility and... see more

This webpage from the University of Wisconsin-Madison is part of its Web Accessibility 101: Policies, Standards, and... see more

This tool allows you to input HTML color codes to check contrast ratios. You can change the font size and weight. Pass... see more

The brochure on this University of Washington DO-IT Center webpage provides a brief overview of the importance of... see more

YouAbility's YouTube channel (sponsored by EASI - Equal Access to Software and Information) contains several video... see more

Find tools to help you evaluate your website against accessibility guidelines. Some of the tools have their own... see more

The Access Board has published a guide on each provision (a-p) of 1194.22, "Web-based Intranet and Internet Information... see more

מאמר העוסק בנושא של פיתוח מנוע חיפוש ייעודי למערכת החינוך, היו כבר ניסיונות לפתח מנוע חינוך נפרד לתחום החינוך , אך המורים... see more