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Earth's climate is continually changing and is in a warming period now, due in part to enhanced human emissions of... see more

This activity is an internet exploration of West Nile Virus and the effects this virus has directly on bird populations.... see more

In this activity (page 5 of the PDF), learners will create a food web and explore food sources for different organisms.... see more

In this activity, students act as water molecules and travel through parts of the water cycle (ocean, atmosphere, clouds,... see more

This activity is a water study investigation showing how biotic and abiotic factors are influenced by human activity.

In this seismic simulation, learners play a "who-dunnit" game to explore earthquakes. Learners act as the source,... see more

This simple hands-on activity demonstrates why the sky appears blue on a sunny day and red during sunrise and sunset.... see more

This case study examines the merits of both sexual and asexual reproduction. The lesson was created for a general biology... see more

In this activity, learners build a Wilberforce Pendulum, a special coupled pendulum in which energy is transferred... see more

As the global population continues to increase, scientists and farmers are concerned about the impacts that climate... see more

In this activity, learners simulate a wolf and its habitat and observe what happens when the limiting factors change over... see more

In this simulation activity, learners will raise a pack of wolves under ten different conditions: without human... see more

In this online activity, learners play a game, which challenges them to learn about wolf ecology by living the life of a... see more

This open-source application lets users experience Earth terrain in three dimensions, visiting any location by zooming in... see more

In this unit, students learn about the scientific factors contributing to the global warming debate. Students act as... see more

This activity is a field investigation where students learn about scientific sampling, earthworms as an invasive species,... see more

This is an example of a writing assignment focused on the use of data to understand the earth's recent climate history.

In this activity, by the Concord Consortium's Molecular Literacy project, students are introduced to the fundamental... see more

Applied Math and Science Education Repository

Excel workbook including lab data and simulation for yeast growth experiments. Students can work through a series of... see more

This Web site was developed by Rick Gillis and Roger Haro of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Biology Department as... see more

בכל תא בגופנו טבוע מנגנון שעלול לחרוץ את דינו למות. תהליך זה, המכונה "התאבדות תאים" (אפופטוזיס), נוטל חלק בתהליכי חיים... see more