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En este artículo presentamos la descripción de los modelos de innovación que puede aplicar una empresa para competir con... see more

This course is an introduction to economics for non-majors and political economy, with an emphasis on the moral and... see more

En este artículo presentamos distintos puntos de vista sobre la definición de ciencia y mostramos una clasificación de... see more

The Institute for Humane Studies has partnered with the authors of the textbook Common Sense Economics: What Everyone... see more

This assignment exposes students to data on economic growth and development as commonly measured by per capita GDP and... see more

It provides a series of JavaScript for simple to more complex cases of compound interest analysis.

Aquest vídeo persegueix identificar els tipus d¿IVA, conèixer els comptes que el Pla General Comptable destina a la... see more

This course describes how economic theory is linked to economic evaluation techniques like cost-benefit and... see more

Do you think that a majority vote is always the fairest way to reach a consensus? Think again! In this video, Professor... see more

En este artículo presentamos una aplicación práctica de la tramitación de un proyecto de Investigación, Desarrollo e... see more

"This text provides the students with simple "cookbook" recipes for solving problems they might face in their studies of... see more

Working in small groups, students determine how 18 items are included in GDP (or if they are excluded.) Cards turned over... see more

The healthcare industry faces critical issues including co-payments that exceed the cost of ethical drugs, general cost... see more

"This is a complete, online textbook for introductory economics. It is an easy-to-read approach to economics with a... see more is the most comprehensive list of Open Data Portals (520+) in the world. It is curated by a group of... see more

En este artículo explicamos qué es la auditoría sociolaboral, mostrando diferentes definiciones que completan el... see more

Se trata de explicar el tratamiento contable que se da a las deudas en las que incurre una empresa, en el caso de que el... see more

Read the lecture and try to answer the interspersed questions.

This is a free, online textbook that is available as a pdf. "This book is intended to serve as the textbook for a... see more

"This free textbook offers a simple survey over the most basic concepts that are studied within introductory courses in... see more

This Economic Education Web (EcEdWeb) is a collection of information and web links that provide activities and resources... see more

This lesson plan and its linked article help students to understand the basic incentive structure economic systems... see more

These lesson plans were developed by the Foundation for Teaching Economics (FTE) which was established to improve... see more

The Boundless Economics textbook is a college-level, introductory textbook that covers the important subject of... see more