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In this activity, learners role-play the part of lake inhabitants and the aquatic exotics who displace the native... see more

Earth on Fire belongs to a series of online modules entitled Exploring the Environment. Emphasizing an integrated... see more

This video was recorded at International Workshop on Eco Design, Ljubljana 2011. It helps companies to build a new range... see more

This book presents an overview of the main research findings and case studies concerning education and skills for... see more

EOL is an attempt to create a complete biodiversity database on the web. It is similar to Wikipedia with a goal of having... see more

E-learning room on EIA(Environmental Impact Assessment), the languages for presentation will be both Thai and English.... see more

This guide is designed to help college students in a beginning level environmental science course.

An estuary is a body of water that is created when freshwater from rivers and streams flows into the saltwater of an... see more

This authoritative book presents the ever progressing state of the art in evaluating climate change strategies and... see more

The present study was carried out to evaluate the effect of Mr. Trivedi’s biofield energy treatment on mustard (Brassica... see more

When most people think about the movement of ocean water, they think of waves or tides. Ocean surface currents are less... see more

This guide instructs educators on the classroom use of transect station data from the Mote Marine Laboratory. This data,... see more

The objectives of this paper are threefold: (1) to assess the direction and magnitude of changes in agricultural... see more

This Farmers' Agribusiness training course has been developed to help both farmers and farmer organisations. Its... see more