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מלחמה בעיראק תביא לירידה חריפה בביקוש לנפט גולמי (ספוט) מהמפרץ, והיבואנים צפויים לתור אחר שווקים חדשים כדי להימנע מתשלום... see more

ארה"ב ובנות בריתה מכחישות באופן רשמי שהנפט הוא בין המניעים העיקריים למלחמה שתביא להפלת סדאם חוסיין מכיסאו, אולם ניצול מלא... see more

חברות המכוניות הבינלאומיות מסתערות על שוק הרכב בסין, שהפך לאחר כמה שנים של צמיחה מהירה לשוק הרכב הרביעי בגודלו בעולם... see more

מידע על הביקוש לגפ"ם (גז פחמימני מעובה), שצפוי לגדול עד לשנת 2010, יותר מהביקוש לנפט: הגידול בביקוש והירידה בייצוא מהמזרח... see more

על העלייה החדה בייצוא נפט מעיראק בספטמבר 2002.

הנפט הרוסי צפוי לזרום החל מסוף השנה מערבה בצינורות שחוצים את שטח אוקראינה ומגיעים עד לקרואטיה.

This interactive site enables the user to select statistics for any of the three following situations: 1. Global... see more

The globalEDGE Developing an Export Strategy Module was created in cooperation with the U.S. Commercial Service, and... see more

Doing Business in Japan focuses on topics such as Japanese Business and Non-business Culture, as well as Marketing and... see more

The globalEDGE Methods and Channels Module was created in cooperation with the U.S. Commercial Service, and addresses How... see more

"This text integrates the microeconomics of trade with concepts from open economy macroeconomics. The emphasis is on the... see more

In this lesson plan, students will learn how to define "trade surplus" and "trade deficit," recognize important U.S.... see more

In this lesson plan, students will learn about the differences between exports and imports, decisions made by... see more

Manufacturers Directory|Online Trading|B2B Portal|Import Export| where you can reach any trader in this world from our... see more

"A Basic Guide to Exporting is a good place to begin for anyone who's never had a course in international marketing. The... see more

"Business practices in Japan inspire fierce and even acrimonious debate, especially when they are compared to American... see more

This is a free case study offered by MIT. In 2008, the Fair Trade Coffee market was facing a growth crisis. Many in the... see more

This textbook provides an innovative, internationally oriented approach for teaching of corporate social responsibility... see more

"Topics covered: terms of trade, income transfers, productivity changes, tariffs, consumption taxes, production taxes,... see more

This is a free online course offered by UC Berkeley. The course covers "the theory of international trade and its... see more

'A comprehensive, balanced text, "International Trade: Theory and Evidence" is the perfect book for International Trade... see more

International Trade: Theory and Policy is built on Steve Suranovic’s belief that to understand the international economy,... see more

This is a free online book offered by BookBoon. "The book discusses national and international policies for promoting... see more

"Trade is an issue of growing importance that lies at the intersection of two of the biggest concerns facing the American... see more