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This interactive lesson deals with all aspects of accuracy, precision, error, and significant figures. Includes... see more

A tutorial on elementary particle physics. Topics discussed include fundamental forces and their relative strengths, the... see more

POVRay ( is a free, open-source 3-d raytracing program. Friedrich Lohmuller has developed a set of... see more

A presentation of the physics of quantum two-level systems, with spin-1/2 being used as the canonical example. Includes... see more

Tutorial on units and measures. This is page 3 of the Physics for Beginners online tutorial (linked separately on... see more

VectorPad is a Tablet PC application to visually introduce students to Vector Math Users draw vectors with electornic ink... see more

A tutorial, with applets, on vectors and vector algebra.

This site contains an extensive set of notes on basic topics in physics. There are extensive illustrations and animations... see more

Current is defined as the flow of electricity through a circuit over time. This Formula Solver! Series program shows the... see more

Ohm's Law describes the fundamental relationship between voltage, resistance, and current. This Formula Solver! Series... see more

This Formula Solver! Series program shows the step-by-step solution for finding resistance in a series circuit (using up... see more

Excellent page that discusses Archimedes' principal and buoyancy. Great visuals, easy to read & understand. All necessary... see more

In parallel circuits, power is a function of current and voltage. This Formula Solver! Series program shows the... see more

In the world of electricity, power is the product of current and voltage. This Formula Solver! Series program shows the... see more

Select any Video Clip and step through it frame by frame. Pick an object and record its x- and its y-coordinate in each... see more

Treatise on Microscopy divided into several sections, available through links. Interactive Java and Flash tutorials help... see more

Electron configuration in an atom is organized into orbitals and differently shaped subshells. Learn about the s... see more

A huge collection of tutorials, with detailed explanations and applets, all hyperlinked with each other to create what is... see more

This is an interactive PowerPoint presentation to be used in Kiosk mode with students. It is intended to be a stand-alone... see more

Applet for demonstrating conservation of energy. Extensive explanatory text included.

Basic tutorial on how microwave ovens work, aimed at those with little experience in physics.

Site is a tutorial on quantum mechanics, with extensive discussion and many applets hyperlinked throughout. Extensive... see more