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Two applets demonstrate the energy levels associated with a linear array of finite square wells, which are used to model... see more

Applet demonstrates the Kronig-Penny model of a crystal lattice. Extensive explanatory text included.

Applet and tutorial on basic quantum mechanics.

Using a linear array of finite, square wells, this applet demonstrates the effects of a potential defect, such as would... see more

=/*+Applet and tutorial that illustrates the basic quantum mechanical properties of the potential well

Two applets and tutorial on the basic quantum mechanical properties of the potential well.

A set of four archival recordings from the University of Auckland (New Zealand) of the physicist Richard Feynman. The... see more

Applet and tutorial on basic quantum physics, including the Stern-Gerlach effect.

Applet and tutorial on one of the fundamental topics in quantum mechanics.

Applet and tutorial illustrating the effect on the motion of a particle traveling across two regions of unequal... see more

Applet and tutorial on the effect on the motion of a particle as it passes through two regions of differing potential.

A mathematical point traveling at random inside a unit interval according to a probability density function is called a... see more

Quantum numbers describe the state of electrons in an atom. Learn about the principal quantum number, orbital quantum... see more

A set of three easy-to-use Java applets for illustrating princples in physics and astronomy. - Spiral Galaxy Rotator: For... see more

This visualization shows the energy eigenfunctions and probability density for a quantum particle confined to a simple... see more

Parallel treatments of photons, electrons, phonons, and molecules as energy carriers, aiming at fundamental understanding... see more

This course provides an introduction to optical science with elementary engineering applications. Topics covered in... see more

This class covers basic concepts of nuclear physics with emphasis on nuclear structure and interactions of radiation with... see more

This subject introduces the key concepts and formalism of quantum mechanics and their relevance to topics in current... see more

This subject provides an introduction to modeling and simulation, covering continuum methods, atomistic and molecular... see more

This course discusses applications of electromagnetic and equivalent quantum mechanical principles to classical and... see more

Traditionally, progress in electronics has been driven by miniaturization. But as electronic devices approach the... see more

This course is an introduction to quantum computational complexity theory, the study of the fundamental capabilities and... see more

A review of basic quantum theory, with shockwave simulations.