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המאמר מציג סקירה על חייו ופועלו של הקריקטוריסט נאג'י אל-עלי ושל הדמות המרכזית שיצר, חאנדלה. אל-עלי היה אחד הקריקטוריסטים... see more

המאמר מציג יצירה על רקע הניתוח שערך הפילוסוף מישל פוקו לתמונתו של הצייר דייגו ולסקז - 'בנות הלוויה' (Las Meninas).... see more

בהיסטוריה המקומית של ייצוגי הנוף והטריטוריה, המפות הנופיות היו לביטוי של קונפליקט בין שתי אפיסטמות ובו בזמן ייצוג של... see more

These films show examples of different approaches to display and its impact on the development of ideas. The presentation... see more

Stage Two: Testing Possibilities These films contain examples of tendencies and patterns in idea developed in art... see more

Stage One Creative Strategies: Beginning Approaches Stage one offers methods to get ideas off the ground offering... see more

סביבת למידה לכיתות י"א, העוסקת בתקופת מלחמת העולם הראשונה מנקודת המבט של יצירות האמנות. שיח עם יצירות אומנות פלסטיות... see more

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Botanical Illustration, Color Psychology, Art, Leaf Anatomy, Step by Step Lesson

This site includes a complete collection of historical documents, images and video clips related to the death of artist... see more

This is a Stand Alone Instructional Resource (STAIR) for first and second graders to help them learn about shape, an art... see more

This is a lesson plan intended for use in an elementary art classroom with fourth grade students.  The content of the... see more

"Sumi-e, or ink and brush painting, must be discussed in terms of the religion and philosophy it expresses. Originating... see more

"This book inquires first into the function and psychology of all great art, and endeavours to define those elements... see more

"Classic approach to the dynamics of drawing by brilliant teacher with insights and practical advice on line drawing,... see more

"This is one of the leading books for artists in understanding the anatomy of the human being. It emphasizes planes,... see more

"This book contains new illustrations and interesting notes and explanations to help students through the process of... see more

"From the creation of the world to its final redemption, view the Bible as imagined by one of history's most accomplished... see more

"The object of "The Art of Illustration" is to explain the modern systems of Book and Newspaper Illustration, and... see more

According to the author, "In the writing and illustrating of this book my aim has been to produce a comprehensive and... see more

"The author of the book, Charles D. Maginnis, is considered the father of American Gothic architecture. If you want to... see more

"Artwork, some realistic, some impressionistic, some drawings, some paintings, all done from life -- these form a tribute... see more

'The substance of the following chapters on Line and Form originally formed a series of lectures delivered to the... see more

"English caricaturists and graphic humorists of the nineteenth century: an entertaining history of caricature, and... see more

According to the author, "We must think with the brush and the pencil; we must think first and then draw round our... see more