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Traces loss of civic virtue. Solutions.

Jewish farming experiments in the United States on the 1800's

History of Trenton, NJ Jewish community form 1850's to 1940's.

Testing three different batches of cookies with three different temperatures of butter. 

Biology Professor discusses Mendel's Law of Segregation and reviews gamete formation in meiosis, fertilization,... see more

Biology Professor (Twitter: @DrWhitneyHolden) describes the Law of Independent Assortment and reviews recombination... see more

Will Pepsi or Coke take the win 

This midterm is about which t-shirt (black or white) absorbs heat quicker. 

This is my midterm science project. I conducted an experiment to see what leavening agent, baking soda or powder, would... see more

The Acid-Fast stain is an important differential stain used to distinguish between Acid-Fast bacteria and Non-Acid-Fast... see more

In this 5-minute YouTube video, Biology Professor discusses the process of transformation in bacteria, a cool type of... see more

In this 5-minute YouTube video, Biology Professor describes Gram staining, possibly the single most important... see more

 HostNoc offers extensive service to our customers worldwide regarding DDOS protection, cloud management and server... see more

In this lecture, Professor John Lennard explores the origins of tragedy in Classical Athens, focusing in particular on... see more

In this module, Dr Llewelyn Morgan (University of Oxford) thinks about Ovid’s Metamorphoses in relation to Virgil’s... see more

This 9 minute video provides and introduction to activity based costing.  A simple example is included to show the viewer... see more

New Hampshire - Digital Equity for Financial, Economic and Educational Inclusion

This is my mid term for EDUC 353 fall semester at UNM 2018. Elena Sandoval