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"What are the laws of Physics governing the motion of a roller coaster? How are speed and acceleration related? How does... see more

'Leading journals from the American Geophysical Union are now available on your iPad and iPhone. Fresh from the... see more

Medscape from WebMD is a fabulous app that is available for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. It can be downloaded from... see more

'This is a convenient chemistry tool for students and professionals to calculate molecular mass (molecular weight) of... see more

'If you think you've seen the periodic table, think again. The Elements: A Visual Exploration lets you experience the... see more

'Gather objective data while observing teaching practices and student behavior. Nine very easy to use timer, counter,... see more

'Did you ever wonder why the periodic table is shaped the way it is, what gives each element its own unique set of... see more

'GoObserve enables school administrators to conduct their classroom Observations and Walkthroughs in a totally mobile and... see more

'This quick-reference tool helps healthcare professionals perform differential diagnosis with speed and confidence at the... see more

'The most comprehensive guide for GRE Physics Subject Test and other college level physics test preparation so far.... see more

'Spartan is a versatile app for molecular modeling on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. The app allows any chemist fast... see more

'The JiffPad is a remarkable time-saving productivity tool for doctors, nurses and other medical professionals to use in... see more

'iEngineer is the most comprehensive database of screw/bolt information that you can find anywhere. US screws: -93... see more

'Model Me Going Places™ is a great visual teaching tool for helping your child learn to navigate challenging locations in... see more

Gi Buddy is an app that helps a person track symptoms, diet, and lifestyle when they are diagnosed with Crohn's or... see more

'Collaborize Classroom now for the iPad. Collaborize Classroom is a free online collaborative education platform for... see more

Application for medical professionals with access to drug handbooks, nursing handbooks, medical dictionary This is a free... see more

ACLS MegaCodes is a free app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ACLS Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support reflects the... see more

'Knowmia Teach is a free lesson planning and recording tool for teachers and their students. It helps you create short... see more

'Teachers are expected to document almost all student and parent interaction. Keep all this information at your... see more

'Take Turn Timer is your solution for teaching your kids how to share. Each person can get an equal turn and Take Turn... see more

'Create and share ebooks and stories by adding drawings, photos, and stickers. Then record your voice on every page and... see more

'Common Core Look-fors (CCL4s) is a great app for teachers integrating the Common Core State Standards into their... see more

'Help for teachers using technology in the classroom. You've just been asked by your principal to become the school "tech... see more