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High level strategy/approach document on how to prepare individuals to test software. Outlines major objectives and goals... see more

This site contains a wealth of information pertaining to risk analysis ... a step often overlooked in the beginning... see more

A paper descruibe various types of software architectures.

The vision of ebXML is to create a single global electronic marketplace where enterprises of any size and in any... see more

Very good overview of the requirements analysis process of software engineering.

JOT is an on-line peer-reviewed publication, published six times per year by the ETH Swiss Federal Institute of... see more

This document provides a foundation and process for using UML to model web sites.

The article describes the core concepts of Object-Oriented analysis and Design using UML.

Model-Driven Architecture (MDA) is an initiative of Object Management Group (OMG) as an approach to developing software.... see more

An easy to read and understand description of creating an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD).

This portion of the Tutorial describes how the requirement captured can be represented into a Use case diagram. This... see more

IT Professional ITPE partner of NSTDA Academy Lecturer of Computer Science Dept. Faculty of Sciences South-East Asia... see more

Describes the BPR Process and contains numerous links to additional papers on how companies used BPR and their results.

This resource is a great place to find out how the real world is developing distributed systems and what types of... see more

A description and explantion of extreme programming. Includes lessons learned and links to other sites on agile... see more

' A huge piece of the programming puzzle in working with Cocoa and Objective-C is Object-Oriented Programming. Almost all... see more

A look at the UML (Unified Modelling Language) notation for Object Oriented Analysis and Design - the emerging standard... see more

An overview of the job description for Systems Analysts, includes salary, job advancement, and required education... see more

Roman Korchagin gives practical examples of writing tests for a stand-alone class and its synchronous or asynchronous... see more

This site is good for describing the functionality and reasons to use Microsoft Project for Project Management tracking.

The easiest way to access the book online is through the hyperlinked Table of Contents available through this link.

This site specifies the requirements necessary to design software for the government and meet accessibility standards.