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Information on the differences between crocodile and alligator

Information on the differences between camels and dromedaries

Information on the differences between butterflies and moths

Information on the differences between bees and wasps

Information on the differences between apes and monkeys

Information on the breathing methods of animals: lung respiration, gill respiration, trachael respiration and skin... see more

Information on animals (mammals, fish, birds, insects, reptiles, amphibians) and their ability to breathe under water

Information about metamorphosis, feet and eyes of frogs and toads

Information on the mathematical skills of insects

Information about animals with tracheal respiration

Information about animals with skin respiration

Everything about the lung as a respiratory organ of animals

Information and pictures on gills as a respiratory organ of animals

Do animals kiss? Do they hold hands? Or hug each other?

Researchers have long wondered why a toucan’s beak is so massive. The riddle has been solved.

How do animals protect themselves from icy temperatures in winter?

Tongues all look more or less the same? Not in the animal kingdom.

Teeth have different jobs and so come in different shapes. What kind of teeth do animals have?

Spikes and spines serve animals as a defense, for attacking and they are even used as tools.

Not every creature is able to recognize their reflection in the mirror. Most creatures simply see another animal. This... see more

In this article you will meet animals that feed themselves in an unusual way: animals that feast like kings, stuff their... see more

Animals often have an incredibly good hearing, but not all of them use their ears to hear. There are even animals that... see more