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This course explores the nature of meaning and truth, and their bearing on the use of language in communication. No... see more

This course is an introduction to the philosophy of language. It examines different views on the nature of meaning, truth... see more

This course is a seminar on the nature of love and sex, approached as topics both in philosophy and in literature.... see more

This course is an introduction to problems about creativity as it pervades human experience and behavior. Questions about... see more

This course examines problems in the philosophy of film as well as literature studied in relation to their making of... see more

This course is a survey of recent philosophy of perception. The main topics discussed are the following: the transparency... see more

This is a seminar on "self-knowledge" -- knowledge of one's own mental states. In addition to reading some of the classic... see more

The seminar will explore the phenomenon of a priori knowledge. We'll consider some notable attempts to account for a... see more

This course offers an advanced survey of current debates about the ontology, methodology, and aims of the social... see more

This course will consider the claim that there is no such thing as race, with a particular emphasis on the question... see more

This course will acquaint you with some of the important results and ideas of the last half - century of research in... see more

I realize that "Modes of Assertion" is a rather cryptic title for the course. What we will explore are ways of modulating... see more

This course will investigate the semantics of generic sentences, i.e., sentences that are used to talk about habits,... see more

This course provides an overview of the distinctive features which distinguish sound categories of languages of the... see more

This course is designed to allow participants to engage in the exploration of the grammatical structure of a language... see more

This course is a detailed examination of the grammar of Japanese and its structure which is significantly different from... see more

This course is concerned with the concepts and principles which have been of central significance in the recent... see more

This course is the third and final part of our graduate introduction to semantics. The other two classes are 24.970... see more

This course focuses on phonological phenomena that are sensitive to morphological structure, including base-reduplicant... see more

This course introduces students to the theory and practice of modeling phonology, with an empirical focus on modeling the... see more

This course is an introduction to the theory that tries to explain how minds are made from collections of simpler... see more

This seminar focuses on the cognitive science of moral reasoning. Philosophers debate how we decide which moral actions... see more

This is a free, podcast offered by University of Notre Dame and downloadable from iTunes.

This is a series of free podcasts offered by UC Berkeley. Some of the topics include: De Anima, Posterior Analytics,... see more