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Lead Stories uses the Trendolizer engine to detect and debunk the latest trending fake news stories and hoaxes found on... see more

DomainTools takes indicators from your network, including domains and IPs, and connects them with nearly every active... see more

This website includes LibGuides, guides to government information, and research worksop. Tutorials include specific... see more

In these activities, you will learn strategies for generating research questions and turning those questions into... see more

This tutorial challenges researchers to actively seek sources that push outside of their initial perspective. With a more... see more

Ready to get the most out of your article search? This tutorial will help you successfully navigate search filters,... see more

This resource is a group lesson plan that outlines the live walk-through via screen sharing – approximately 12-13 minutes... see more

Using Google Scholar to find sources for your research can yield you a lot of articles, journals, books, and more. But... see more

UCLA WI+RE's (Writing Instruction + Research Education) "Wheel of Sources" is an interactive game show designed to help... see more