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This video was recorded at YALE - ECON 251 - Financial Theory. In the 1990s, Yale discovered that it was faced with a... see more

This video was recorded at YALE - ECON 251 - Financial Theory. Where can you find the market rates of interest (or... see more

"The present Lecture Notes in Financial Economics are based on the author's teaching notes for advanced undergraduate and... see more

Students learn about saving, savings goals, interest, borrowing and opportunity cost by reading Less Than Zero. Students... see more

The money market has traditionally been defined as the market for short-term marketable debt instruments, such as... see more

Students listen to a story written in rhyme about a bunny who has a lot of money in her piggy bank. Students distinguish... see more

"Ludwig von Mises said that there can never be too much of a good theory. Salerno proves it in this sweeping and nearly... see more

This is an interactive tutorial on Net Present Value and Irregular Rate of Return. Students are provided information and... see more

En este objeto virtual de aprendizaje encontramos el WebQuest Luan - Introducción al proyecto de la OPTIMIZACION DE... see more

This book provides an analysis of the global monetary system and the necessary reforms that it should undergo to play an... see more

Money is the abstract translation of labor into an easy-to-trade, easy-to-accumulate, commodity. Discusses the... see more

El Sistema Financiero, Agentes y Flujos de Intercambio Entre Ellos

"In this book the author attempted to analyze thoroughly and in depth nearly a score of major problems raised by... see more

'The book's title "What You Should Know About Inflation" only hints at the extent of the issues that Hazlitt addresses.... see more

14.454 is an introduction to current macroeconomic concerns with particular emphasis on medium-run economic fluctuations,... see more

This course introduces the core theory of modern financial economics and financial management, with a focus on capital... see more

This graduate class is designed as a Ph.D.-level overview of international political economy (IPE), with an emphasis on... see more