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This course is an introduction to game theory and strategic thinking. Ideas such as dominance, backward induction, Nash... see more

"These are lecture notes from a game-theory course the author taught to students in their second year of the economics... see more

In this course, students will learn basic linear algebra necessary to understand the operations regarding derivatives of... see more

This online textbook "covers the basic mathematical tools used in economic theory. Knowledge of elementary calculus is... see more

Un modelo de optimizacion matematico consiste de una funcion objetivo y un set de restricciones en la forma de un sistema... see more

This book is a comprehensive but concise text that covers the recently developed and widely applicable methods of... see more

"This book views many apparently disparate dynamic economic models as examples of a single class of models that can be... see more

It is a JavaScript that provides the optimal ordering quantity for seasonal items.

From the table of contents: Economic Analysis and Econometrics; Analysis and Linear Algebra in a Nutshell; Probability... see more

"This book is about mathematical methods for optimization of dynamic stochastic system and about the application of these... see more

This book contains problems and activities for a book on Mathematical Economics

The object of the present volume is to set forth in some detail the present status of the problem of analyzing that very... see more

This course offers an introduction to noncooperative game theory. The course is intended both for graduate students who... see more

This half-semester course discusses decision theory and topics in game theory. We present models of individual... see more

The unifying theme of this course is best captured by the title of our main reference book: "Recursive Methods in... see more

This course is an advanced topics course on market and mechanism design. We will study existing or new market... see more

This half semester class presents an introduction to macroeconomic modeling, focusing on the theory of economic growth... see more