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This is a transcript of an interview with Linda Griggs, the former chief counsel to the chief accountant of the SEC in... see more

This is a transcript of a discussion with John Legere, CEO regarding the collapse of Global Crossing. The discussion... see more

This is a transcript of a segment of the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer in which Gwen Ifill discusses the corruption case of... see more

This course aims to develop negotiation skills by active participation in a variety of negotiation settings, and a series... see more

This is a site that contains several self-tests regarding values. The six surveys included here are: Moral Foundations... see more

This site contains an alphabetical listing of various methods, models and theories regarding ethics and responsibility.... see more

This is a wonderful PBS resource of a program that appeared in December 2003 and concerns the marketing of prescription... see more

This 176 PowerPoint presentation details the content of the 2006 Report to the Nation on Occupational Fraud and Abuse... see more

This is a transcript of a discussion by experts of Arthur Andersen's conviction of obstruction of justice on News Hour... see more

This is a transcript in which business correspondent Paul Solman gets perspectives from three CEOs on their culpability... see more

Ethics is about determining value; it’s deciding what’s worth doing and what doesn’t matter so much. Business ethics is... see more

The intention of this book is to serve as a compendium which contributes to a better understanding of major ethical... see more

This is a transcript from NewsHour with Jim Lehrer in which William Donaldson, chairman of the Securities and Exchange... see more

This site concerns the 2002 Fronline program about the development of the Ford Explorer and the decision by Ford's... see more

This is a free book offered by BookBoon. 'There is a difference between Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and... see more

To access this case study, go to the webpage, click on "Site Map" in the left-hand navigator, and then under the "Case... see more

This website provides some suggested activities for teaching business ethics in the classroom.

This is a transcript of a segment of the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer in which three business experts discuss CEOS who are... see more

This is site that supports the 2002 Frontline program that investigated the fall of the dotcoms. One can watch the entire... see more

In 1999, the House of Commons Health Select Committee obtained access to internal documents from the five main... see more

"Performance at all costs, productivity without regard to consequences, and a competitive work environment: these are the... see more

The New Millennium and the Next Bottom Line asks ’Can business meet new social, environmental, and financial expectations... see more

This powerful and sweeping documentary touches on issues of globalization, colonialism, economics, ecological studies,... see more

NOTE: This is a BookBoon publication and you have to provide your email address to access it. The book is free for... see more