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UNESBIB includes over 100,000 citations for books, articles and UNESCO publications some with full text links. Languages... see more

Query database selections here: World Development Indicators (WDI) is the World... see more

This powerful and sweeping documentary touches on issues of globalization, colonialism, economics, ecological studies,... see more

'The Nordic success model of globalization is unique. Whereas most small countries in the world have suffered from their... see more

This class is a global survey of the great transformation in history known as the "Industrial Revolution." Topics include... see more

This is a course for those who are interested in the challenge posed by massive and persistent world poverty, and are... see more

Doing Business in India focuses on topics such as Understanding the General Environment, Business Etiquette, Practices,... see more

"Thomas L Friedman takes a fresh and provocative look at two of our biggest challenges – the global environmental crisis... see more

The author of this textbook states that, "efficiency, sustainability, and waste reduction practices are producing... see more

This is a lending library for videos offered by the American Friends Service Committee. The videos may be borrowed for a... see more

המאמר סוקר את השינויים שחלו בשוק העבודה הישראלי, לגבי השתתפות נשים בכח העבודה, ומציע דרכים לשילוב הנשים על בסיס יותר... see more

על חלקם של התאגידים במשבר הסביבתי העולמי: דלדול שכבת האוזון, התחממות עולמית, רעלים אורגניים ארוכי טווח, פסולת גרעינית,... see more

על הגורמים לקביעת מחיר הנפט.

על קרטל אופ"ק - ארגון המדינות המפיקות נפט.

צמיחה מהירה בכלכלות ארה"ב ואירופה בשני העשורים הקרובים עשויה להביא לחוסר יציבות בכלכלות המדינות המתפתחות, כולל קריסה... see more

מערכת המדינות, כפי שהתקיימה במשך כמאה שנה, הופכת פחות ופחות רלוונטית לתיאור המאורעות המתרחשים בעולם, להצביע היכן יושבי... see more

The Middle East’s geographical and strategic uniqueness has made every great power in history to seek to advance its... see more

This site from ELDIS provides summaries and links to online documents concerning globalization. The papers are current,... see more

"This lecture addresses the impact of globalisation and the recent worldwide economic turmoil on Europe and in particular... see more

The globalEDGE Business Travel Abroad Module was created in cooperation with the U.S. Commercial Service, and addresses... see more

Doing Business in Brazil focuses on topics such as Brazilian Business Culture, Brazilian Logistics, and the Costs of... see more

Doing Business in Central Asia focuses on topics such as Business Culture and Tactics in Central Asia, Constraints to... see more

Doing Business in China focuses on topic such as Chinese Business Culture, Logistics, and the Costs of Doing Business in... see more