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This is a free, online textbook that is comprised of a set of articles, each by a different author. "Signal processing is... see more

Gives a guided tour of how an N-channel enhancement MOSFET works. Includes an interactive diagram of the MOSFET, as well... see more

Objetos Educacionais em Engenharia Elétrica is a collection of learning objects in the area of undergraduate Electrical... see more

Open Worm is an outstanding Open Source/Open Science project dedicated to creating the first virtual organism, a... see more

Opsis is a Java applet designed to teach binary search tree algorithms. Opsis is unique in that it combines elements of... see more

The course deals with introduction to design of feedback control systems, properties and advantages of feedback systems,... see more

This is a free, open textbook that is part of the Connexions collection at Rice University. According to the author,... see more

The courseware includes twenty-four interactive learning modules that are available via:... see more

A paper discussing presents STAL, an extension of Typed Assembly Language (TAL) with stack constructs and stack types to... see more

This site explains how super computer designs have evolved.

'We will give you an overview of OSVVM, and an example of using it.We've split this guide into the following parts: What... see more

This tutorial describes the use of three variable Karnaugh maps (K-maps) to simplify binary logic expressions.

This tutorial describes the use of two variable Karnaugh maps (K-maps) to simplify binary logic expressions.

This site explains the needs and workings of virtual memory in details.

This course will cover fundamentals of digital communications and networking. We will study the basics of information... see more

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:Create lumped parameter models (expressed as ODEs) of... see more

This course models multi-domain engineering systems at a level of detail suitable for design and control system... see more

This course is a comprehensive introduction to control system synthesis in which the digital computer plays a major role,... see more

Multi-scale systems (MuSS) consist of components from two or more length scales (nano, micro, meso, or macro-scales). In... see more

This class introduces design as a computational enterprise in which rules are developed to compose and describe... see more

The demonstration of read and write processes of the memory SRAM cells are presented. There are three modes in this... see more

קורס מקוון - מעבדת מיקרו מחשבים לתלמידי הנדסת חשמל ותוכנה. אתר הקורס כולל הרצאות מוקלטות של שיעורים ותרגול, מצגות, הדגמות... see more

אתר מלווה קורס מחשבים לתלמידי מדעי המחשב, הנדסת תוכנה, מערכות מידע. הקורס עוסק בתהליך פיתוח התוכנה בגישה מונחית עצמים.... see more

For people who want to learn the "nuts and bolts" of computer networks. It includes games, quizzes, and conventional... see more