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This is a free textbook offered by BookBoon. '“According to most studies, people's number one fear is public speaking.... see more

'The ultimate mobile English pronunciation aid, for both students AND teachers. Sounds helps you study, practise and play... see more

This textbook was developed as part of the Textbook Transformation Grants for the Affordable Learning Georgia project.... see more

Stand up, Speak out: The Practice and Ethics of Public Speaking features two key themes. First, it focuses on helping... see more

This is a free, online textbook offered by Book Boon. 'This book is written for proactive people, who understand the... see more

'Welcome to the open source version of Survey of Communication Study. This text offers the opportunity to introduce... see more

Your success as an academic will depend heavily on your ability to communicate to fellow researchers in your discipline,... see more

This course is for advanced students who wish to build confidence and skills in spoken English. It focuses on the... see more

This course explores the international trade in television text, considering the ways in which 'foreign' programs find... see more

Using the method of a computer typing program meets flash-cards, this website lets you practice your skills and speed at... see more

The BBC has provided various distance-learning opportunities for listeners for decades, and this set of online materials... see more

Microsoft technology reaches every part of the globe, so it's critical that all our communications are inclusive and... see more

Although classified as a textbook, this is really a guidebook. ""This guide outlines a process for developing... see more

Students will be able to foster an appreciation of literature and develop creative skills in public speaking and... see more

"The revisions include a new look and font, new graphics, and an appendix on first year issues. The table of contents is... see more

This 2nd revision includes a new look and font, new graphics, and an appendix on first year issues. The table of contents... see more

International communication as a field of inquiry is not very “internationalized.” It has been taken as conceptual... see more

This is an instructional design lesson plan designed for EAL classes struggling with oral presentation skills. As a... see more

Welcome to public speaking! If talking in front of people is something that comes naturally to you, then this will help... see more

This is a free, online textbook offered by "In this textbook you’ll understand how to make a great... see more

This is the WSIA edition of Trudy’s Govier’s seminal volume, Problems in Argument Analysis and Evaluation. Originally... see more

' is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity that has no government affiliations of any kind. Our purpose is to... see more

This sample syllabus for an all-OER introductory writing course includes class policies, a course calendar, and a brief... see more

"Sexy technical writing…we’ve got to be kidding, right? But no, we aren’t. Good technical writing is powerful and clear... see more