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Using data from Northwestern University sophomores that contains their subjective expectations about choice-specific... see more

After serving their country, many veterans attend or return to secondary schools to deepen knowledge in a particular... see more

This article studies the determinants of college major choice by providing students experimentally generated information... see more

This report shows that segregation has increased seriously across the country for Latino students and remains very high... see more

Good day, I want to tell you about our excellent service, which has been operating for many years and has an excellent... see more

There are many factors that slow students' progress towards graduation. This paper examines graduating students' academic... see more

This study uses two national data sets to explore the relationship between faculty practices and student engagement. Our... see more

Foundations of Academic Success: Words of Wisdom (FAS: WoW) introduces you to the various aspects of student and academic... see more

This meta-analytic study replicates the presence of a small but significant and stable female advantage in school marks... see more

This Growth & Goals Module helps learners take greater control of their learning by helping students develop proficiency... see more

This manual prepares the coach to deepen students' commitment to their educational goals by instilling confidence,... see more

The authors use nationally-representative data and propensity-score matching methods to determine if academically and... see more

How to Learn Like a Pro! features the “big six” effective learning/study skills topics: learning styles and preferences,... see more

Students often complain about their perceived disconnect between the time and effort spent studying and their subsequent... see more

We use unique data to examine how college students from low income families form expectations about academic ability and... see more

Each year, the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative surveys the higher education community on key issues and opportunities in... see more

Student Success and First Year Experience are learning community courses at UTA that teach new students academic success... see more

Student Success and First Year Experience (UNIV 1131 and UNIV 1000, respectively, at UTA) are learning community courses... see more

This book was created entirely by students in a Fall 2016 section of First-Year Seminar at Plymouth State University. We... see more

This study investigates whether differences in college major choice by gender, race, and ethnicity are present at the... see more

This report provides an overview of the types of 15-credit strategies being used nationally, the research evidence on... see more

This online textbook is designed to provide students with useful strategies and guidance for their transition from high... see more

This report presents an examination of students' attrition from STEM fields over the course of 6 years using data from... see more