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Jean Giono's story L'homme qui plantait des arbres.

An image database with pictures that are usable for educational non-commercial uses.

Since 1995, UNICEF has been engaging world youth up to the age of 25 in discussions on poverty, exclusion, HIV/AIDS,... see more

This site offers a complete tutorial in "analyse logique" and "analyse grammaticale" (partly based on the Grevisse... see more

A very comprehensive resource site for teachers of French as a foreign language presented by le CAVILAM

Description and audio recordings of some phonetic variations among French speakers in France with special attention given... see more

Vocabulary activity found in LeMonde journal. The objective is to place the falling words into the correct category... see more

A site in French with its English version created in association with the French and Canadian Ministries about Christmas... see more

La plateforme video des sciences et des technologies en France. La consultation se fait par thématiques, collections ou... see more

A site with exercises, games and dictionaries for children.

VTrain is a flashcard-based tool used in 20+ universities. Its unique spaced learning system guarantees you will remember... see more

Zut! provides a comprehensive set of interactive activities for French teachers and learners, featuring more than 400... see more

Supersite for French links, resources, and pages.

This site is a megasite for French culture and language. It has been produced by the Centre International d'études... see more

Chansons françaises is a resource that accompanies the French program Français Interactif. It contains authentic... see more

cours de francais totalement automatise.

É est le site coopératif du Français Langue Étrangère. Il se construit grâce à vos contributions. Y participer... see more

Exercices de dictées, lectures, grammaire, jeux

Students will learn about a region in France by planning a trip to at least three specific tourist sites known in that... see more

French and Spanish online for free, a part for beginners with games and audio files, a part for grammar with videos

Poster Pals provides French teaching resources at all grade levels, including visual aids, word walls, books, and... see more

This French-language site, designed and hosted at the City University of New York and associated with a French non-profit... see more

Ce site d’information et de recherche émane de Michel Rybalka, en relation avec le Groupe d’Etudes Sartriennes (GES) de... see more

The website Vivre en Aquitaine enables you to practice a contextualized French. In this activity "L'eau et la santé", you... see more