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This applet allows the user to enter the steps, using the balancing stragey, to solve the given equation. The user can... see more

Biography of Thales of Miletus (624BC-547BC)

This site contains Mathematics Resources for students, teachers, and parents. It has links to tutorials from Basic Math... see more

This site contains tutorial lessons for College Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Beginning Algebra, and Math for the... see more

This is an interactive website which tutors students in algebra. It is very sophisticated and is based on the NCTM... see more

Beginning Algebra, coordinate system, graphs, lines, systems, linear equations, variables, substitution method,... see more

Interactive, adaptive practice activities that cover a wide variety of math and science content.

content module for contextualized math Front Range Community College developed for energy courses

A page of Java applets to demonstrate basic geometry.

This manipulative allows you to construct factor tree(s) of prime factors for one or two numbers, and then from the prime... see more

This collection of videos includes brief explanations of concepts of whole number, fractions, and decimals.

This is a very large collection of videos that work out math problems. They are categorized by course: Algebra,... see more

An applet that continuously generates new arithemetic problems and keeps track of the number solved correctly in a... see more

Complete sim of an abacus, and it even translates the bead positions into a numerical representation. Includes tutorials... see more

A series of tutorials on basic measurement theory, including such topics as experimental errors, measurement, accuracy... see more

Customizable and printable worksheet for practicing addition. Each worksheet can contain up to 30 problems with a... see more

Adult Learning Academy - Pre-Algebra is a competency-based, contextualized and accelerated basic academic skills course... see more

Unit 2 Fractions instructional resources including learning objectives, review material, contextualized word problems,... see more

content module for contextualized math TSJC developed for energy courses

Course material for contextualized math for CCCS COETC grant funded course development

Huge list of visually searchable algebra problems. Click on a problem to see it worked out on YouTube. -->Often students... see more

Introduction to contextualized math materials

Aritm trains you in simple mental calculation. This program teaches its users the addition, subtraction, multiplication,... see more