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Energy Management Study Guide is a collection of solved problems to accompany the text Energy Management for Pollution... see more

This video segment points out that we are consuming fossil fuels at a rate far faster than they can be produced in the... see more

This site serves as a reference library of up-to-date information on mining and the environment by providing links to an... see more

This U.S. Geological Survey publication contains sections on: mining of gold and formation of acid mine drainage, gold in... see more

An interactive review of chemistry fundamentals for environmental engineering students. The learning objectives for the... see more

An interactive introduction to water disinfection approaches for environmental engineering students. The learning... see more

An interactive introduction to the microbiology of landfills for environmental engineering students. The learning... see more

The course presents an in-depth interdisciplinary perspective of electric power systems, with regulation providing the... see more

'This is the first state-of-the-art book on hydrogen safety engineering. The author Prof Vladimir Molkov is an expert in... see more

This radio broadcast discusses the boom in natural gas drilling in the Rocky Mountain region and is possible impacts on... see more

This book analyses, country by country and region by region, responses to the worldwide demand for reductions in carbon... see more

"Grungy Groundwater" is a laboratory activity that teaches elementary students about how pollutants move through... see more

This activity helps students understand some of the reasoning and science involved in choosing technologies for cleaning... see more

This textbook provides a broad foundation in the topics of hydrologic science including: mass balance, basic atmospheric... see more

An interactive introduction to microbial classificatioin for engineering students. Learning objectives for the... see more

The book contains 400 numerical problems with solutions. The book has been written at a time when cars powered by... see more

This course makes students familiar with the design of offshore wind farms in general and focusses on the foundation... see more

This is a free book offered by BookBoon. For project managers and engineers involved with hazardous processes, this... see more

Partner Only Material

Lista de los permisos ambientales que exige la legislacion ambiental vigente en chile

Partner Only Material

Presentacion acerca de  los modelos de dispersion utilizados en contaminacion atmosferica

This course deals with the basic principles and design aspects of sanitary engineering infrastructure. This comprises:... see more

This is a chapter from a textbook that is used in a class in Surface Irrigation.  This chapter is 129 pages long and can... see more