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This course covers the history and aesthetics of French cinema from the advent of sound to present-day. It treats films... see more

This is an advanced course that aims to build vocabulary competence and improve oral communication through the study and... see more

This course studies the development of bilingualism in human history (from Australopithecus to present day). It focuses... see more

This is an open course in adjective clauses of English grammar. It starts with a lesson on the basics of adjectives and... see more

This course will be beneficial if you wish to learn how to communicate with the sounds and music of American English. The... see more

Arabic for Global Exchange is a course in Arabic language and culture that utilizes cognitive learning technologies and... see more

The 'goal in this tutorial is to present a program of practical learning that will allow you to go through the process of... see more


With this site you can learn Dutch up to level A1 (1000 words). You can do the lessons online, or you can download the 15... see more

This is a free online course offered by Open University through 46 podcasts. "Do you want to learn some basics in... see more

"Chinese: Communicating in the Cultureis currently an ongoing program which is suitable for grade 9-12 and college... see more

This is a short course in Brazilian Portuguese pronounciation on iTunes.  "This enhanced podcast contains images and... see more

This module is aimed at students in year 1 semester B (beginners Portuguese). The varied exercises cover a range of... see more

Links to learning the Catalán language.

The purpose of this course is to develop (i) Basic conversational abilities (pronunciation, fundamental grammatical... see more

This subject is the second semester of two that form an introduction to modern standard Chinese, commonly called... see more

This course, along with 21F.107 / 21F.157 Chinese I (Streamlined) offered in the previous fall, form the elementary level... see more

崑山科技大學核心通識 - 國文(1)課程

崑山科技大學核心通識課程 - 中國文學(2)

Chqe’tamaj le qach’ab’al K’iche’! is a beginner to advanced level online course for K’iche’, a Mayan language of... see more

This course is an introduction to some of the major genres of traditional Chinese poetry, fiction, and drama. Intended to... see more

This module is aimed at students in year 2 semester B. The varied exercises cover a range of topics from Portuguese... see more

eComma is a social reading tool teachers can install in their Learning Management System (LMS). It allows students and... see more