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This video explains the concept of Net Present Value and illustrates how to calculate the Net Present Value of a project... see more

A Discussion of Business Valuation

The video explains what Working Capital Management is and how businesses can successfully use it.

A Discussion of Capital Structure

A Discussion of Financial Decisions

A Discussion of Financial Management

A Discussion of Accounts Payable

A Discussion of Equipment

Discussion of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

A Discussion of Financial Accounting

A Discussion of Taxation in the United States

In this video I use the present value equation to discount a future payment in today's dollars. 

This video gives a general overview in conducting Financial Statement Analysis.

A Discussion of Variance Analysis

This video explains the process of Activity-based Costing and illustrates how Activity-based Costing is used with an... see more

A Discussion of Management Accounting

A Discussion of Product / Process Costing

Everything you wanted to know about the next generation of public key crypto. A brief explanation of elliptic curve... see more

A simple example (with proofs) of some appearances of Catalan Numbers in Pascal’s Triangle.

Roger Philipp, CPA, CGMA, explains what you need to know for the CPA Exam on the flow of a normal cost system.

Rett syndrome is used as an example where new mutations in certain positions never enter the human gene pool, because the... see more

This video is a step-by-step demonstration of how to create a linoleum cut. This video is great for use in the classroom.... see more

A video with voice explanation (no music), at, with numerous animated... see more