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August 2016 - This link was corrected. Since traditional faculty peer review forms are no longer sufficient for reviewing... see more

This Web site provides links to a number of different type of Web sites that can be used for evaluation. The topics... see more

The WWW brings with it the opportunity for educators to share material on a global scale.  Fully online courses have been... see more

The Digital Library is a valuable online resource of peer-reviewed and published international journal articles and... see more

Computer ethics, better labeled "information technology ethics," deal with the proper use of a wide range of... see more

Figure/Ground is an interdisciplinary research website investigating central problems across the university environment... see more

Thousands of graphics are available for creating web pages.

Provides gateway access to all of the current California State University (CSU) Information Competence tutorials.

A set of cases/papers on information systems in the public sector. Each has an educators' guide with linked synopsis and... see more

JOT is an on-line peer-reviewed publication, published six times per year by the ETH Swiss Federal Institute of... see more

The NCTR National TDM and Telework Clearinghouse is located at the Center for Urban Transportation Research at the... see more

This site is a collection of links to online e-commerce courses, e-commerce education, tutorials and learning resources. is a platform dedicated to making early versions of research inputs available, including original research... see more

Scholar-CNKI ( is the largest aggregator and distribution of academic digital resources in China. CNKI has... see more

This site provides statistics and information on telework, including an environmental fact sheet, and an air pollution... see more

Great site for beautiful pictures to use in your web page classes.

This database makes the bridge between research in educational technology and the application of that research in... see more

This resource is a great place to find out how the real world is developing distributed systems and what types of... see more

From the site: "Google's Image Search is the most comprehensive on the Web, with more than 150 million images indexed and... see more

Describes all design issues and characteristics in interfacing processors and peripherals.

A collection of over 1000 Web-based and print resources assembled by R.S. Pressman & Associates, Inc. that will help to... see more

A site which shows multiple samples of code from VB, C#, C++, ASP, and ADO

The MIT Laboratory for Computer Science (LCS) is an interdepartmental laboratory whose principal goal is research in... see more

This is the official web-site for resurces on Unified Modeling Language (UML) by Object Management Group (OMG). The site... see more