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Physical Chemistry is the application of physical principles and measurements to understand the properties of matter, as... see more

Many in the chemistry community are making their contribution to the global fight against coronavirus by staying safely... see more

Tom Stretton, a science teacher in the Upper Canada District School Board, provides chemistry notes, figures, and quizzes... see more

Maintained by the British Columbia Institute of Technology Chemistry Department, The Chemistry Resource Center Web site... see more

Maintained by the British Columbia Institute of Technology Chemistry Department, The Chemistry Resource Center Web site... see more

Inorganic chemistry is concerned with the properties and reactivity of all chemical elements. Advanced interests focus on... see more

This is, to the best of the author's knowledge, the first OpenTextbook in experimental chemistry at a entry-college... see more

Chemistry is designed for the two-semester general chemistry course. For many students, this course provides the... see more

Chemical Biology research uses the tools of chemistry and synthesis to understand biology and disease pathways at the... see more

This course is the first part of a modular sequence of increasingly sophisticated (and challenging) laboratory courses... see more

This website provides a virtual chemistry experiment, and it is important to note that a Java3D is necessary for the... see more

This seminar will be a scientific exploration of the food we eat and enjoy. Each week we shall have a scientific edible... see more

This is a preparatory course for general chemistry offered by UCI Open. OpenChem is first and foremost to extend the... see more

To understand and achieve a practical mastery of organic chemistry requires an evaluation of interacting, and often... see more

This science education booklet aims to offer a sampling of how basic chemistry and biochemistry research can spur a... see more

This course deals with the application of structure and theory to the study of organic reaction mechanisms:... see more

This is the first semester in a two-semester introductory course focused on current theories of structure and mechanism... see more

This course covers the principles of main group (s and p block) element chemistry with an emphasis on synthesis,... see more

This is a great resource for chemistry teachers. It permits teachers to utilize various non-traditional teaching... see more

This book was designed for students enrolled in CHM1311 Principles of Chemistry at the University of Ottawa.

For information on thermodynamic data for over 5,000 chemical compounds and on ion-energetics data for over 10,000... see more

This is a textbook for the first year of Organic Chemistry. It emphasizes the connections between the structures of... see more