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This video was recorded at MIT Communications Forum. Just as digital technology has expanded the means of producing... see more

This course introduces writing, graphics, meetings, oral presentation, collaboration, and design as tools for product... see more

Introduction to Media Studies is designed for students who have grown up in a rapidly changing global multimedia... see more

This class investigates theory and practice of digital or new media poetry with emphasis on workshop review of digital... see more

Introduction to Media Studies is designed for students who have grown up in a rapidly changing global multimedia... see more

This course explores the ways in which humans experience the realm of sound and how perceptions and technologies of sound... see more

Hacking and trolling; mass murders and bullying. What do these have in common? One theory holds that these are all... see more

"Creative activity (isn't) the icing on the cake. Human creativity is the cake." (Jerry Hirschberg) Creativity - "the... see more

In this course students create digital visual images and analyze designs from historical and theoretical perspectives... see more

This multidisciplinary lecture / workshop engages students in a variety of approaches to the study and practice of... see more

This class covers the analysis, design, implementation and testing of various forms of digital communication based on... see more

How do words get their meanings? How can word meanings be represented and used by machines? We will explore three... see more

This technical note introduces basic concepts of the use of Social Media in Marketing. A description of eight different... see more

This course has two parallel aims: To improve student writing about technical subject matters, including forms of writing... see more

Turn-of-the-century eras have historically been times when people are more than usually inclined to scrutinize the... see more

This course uses the study of rhetoric as an opportunity to offer instruction in critical thinking. Through extensive... see more

Students work in small collaborative design teams to propose, build, and document a semester-long project focused on... see more

In this course we will read essays, novels, memoirs, and graphic texts, and view documentary and experimental films and... see more

CMS.611J / 6.073 Creating Video Games is a class that introduces students to the complexities of working in small,... see more

The internet is full of false information and ads. Sometimes it can be challenging to decipher the validity of content.... see more

This curriculum for educators in formal and informal education environments provides step-by-step guidance and... see more

Digitized magazines that are now in the public domain, scanned and searchable.

This course focuses on an exploration of the role that communication plays in the work of the contemporary engineering... see more