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This publication is a summary of nine literacy, language and numeracy research reports published by the New Zealand... see more

This paper reports a project designed to explore the elements that help and hinder the adoption of mobile devices in... see more

This Edutopic article lists tips, standards, strategies, tools, and other resources to help new teachers successfully... see more

Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy (NJDL) is aimed at researchers, school authorities, school leaders in primary and... see more

The purpose of this digest is to help pediatricians, speech language pathologists, classroom teachers, and other... see more

Free materials, downloads, tools, and suggested readings to better understand technology integration.

This study uses social network analysis to examine the patterns of student interactions in online peer mentoring sites... see more

Universities are increasingly experimenting with the online domain to connect with busy and digital-savvy students and... see more

This special report examines how literacy instruction is changing in the digital age, from learning to sound out words in... see more

Based on research findings derived from interviews and questionnaires collected between 2009 and 2012, this concept paper... see more

This meta-analysis summarizes the impact of digital technology use in UK schools relative to academic achievement.

This study examines the association between course format (face-to-face, blended, and online) and students’ perceived... see more

This paper reports on a two-step study of students’ perspectives with respect to the use of BlogTalkRadio (BTR) in online... see more

This quarterly, open access, peer-reviewed international e-journal covers a wide range of research on all aspects of... see more

TWI programs integrate language-minority and language-majority students for all or most of the school day and strive to... see more

This case study investigates the benefits and challenges of using service learning to enhance the curriculum in a hybrid... see more

The reauthorization of Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) in 2004 permits the use of response to intervention (RTI)... see more

We can harness the engagement our students find in project-based learning in our own professional development.

This quasi-experimental study examined the impact of structured instructor postings on the participation and performance... see more

This article describes the practical implementation of parts of Teaching in a Digital Age: Guidelines for Designing... see more

The following materials and information reflects the essential role of Instructional Science in Education and how can an... see more

With the shift in pedagogy from learning in the traditional classroom setting (face-toface mode) to online learning, it... see more

It is difficult to deny that online learning has had steady growth in recent years. A benefit to any institution... see more

As online and blended delivery formats in college physical activity and wellness courses gain popularity, assessment of... see more