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Visual Math For Java is a Java applet to serve as graphic calculator, equation solver, plotter of functions, derivatives... see more

This applet draws the graph of y = sin(x) along with its Maclaurin polynomial (Taylor polynomial at c=0). The user can... see more

Interactive Geogebra applet exploring the derivative as a function.

Interactive applet exploring the derivative of a function at a point.

Interactive applet exploring the chain rule.

This Demonstration shows the tangent line to an implicitly defined curve in the Cartesian plane.

A Complex Scientific Calculator with full support of Complex Functions of Complex Variables. Using the Memory Variables... see more

Illustrates vectors in two dimensions, specifically concepts of components, magnitude, direction and vector addition. For... see more

A large collection of applets designed to demonstrate basic mathematics. Many foreign-language versions available.

The xFunctions applet is designed as an educational tool for exploring several topics in calculus and pre-calculus... see more

This applet explores Riemann sums including left endpoint, right endpoint, midpoint, inscribed rectangle, circumscribed... see more

Interactive applet exploring average and instantaneous rates of change.

Interactive applet exploring the derivatives of exponential functions.

Interactive applet explorng the relationships between the characteristics of the graph (increasing, decreasing, concave... see more

In this applet, the user selects or inputs a function and chooses a point x = a at which to check continuity. The applet... see more

This site contains an online calculator that finds the divergence of the given vector field, with steps shown.

Interactive applet exploring the Intermediate Value Theorem

This site contains an online calculator that finds multiple integrals (double or triple integrals). The user enters a... see more

Interactive applet exploring an optimization problem.

Interactive applet exploring the optimization problem of inscribing a rectangle in a parabola.

This applet is a sub-site of the Math Applets for Calculus at SLU site. This applet provides a graphical interface... see more

TI-89 graphing calculator simulator.

This site contains an online graphing tool that allows the user to visualize vectors in plane, perform vector addition... see more

The applet allows a user to compute and plot the Taylor polynomial of a user defined function. A user has an option of... see more